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Road Transportation (advanced course)

Road Transportation (advanced course)

Study course is developed to acquire in-depth theoretical knowledge and practical skills in road transportation area. Study course consists of three parts. Each part of study course is devoted to certain tasks.

Themes of  the first part (semester) of study course Road Transportation (advanced course I):

  • basics of road design;
  • elements of traffic flow theory;
  • modeling of traffic flows;
  • traffic flow theory analysis;
  • road transport system planning;
  • transportation-network forecasting;
  • traffic flow measurement methods on road.

Study course Road Transportation (advanced course II) part 2 examines following topics:

  • civil and social rights in road transport enterprise;
  • commercial rights and marketing for road transportation company;
  • financial management and taxation of road transport enterprise;
  • licensing of road transport business;
  • special permit system of road transportation;
  • freight forwarding and freight transport documents;
  • drivers' work and rest regime;
  • control of legal commercial road transport.

Study course is developed usind training modules system by attracting a variety of high-end professionals. Students after fuccessful completion of the study course have an opportunity to go though the examination process of Certication of Professional Competence in road freight and passenger transport carried out by Ministy of Transport of Latvia.

Study course Road Transportation (advanced course III) part 3 isdevoted to the urban transport system, its planning and development, including the following topics::

  • urban transport systems planning;
  • land use and transport infrastructure development;
  • urban transit system elements;
  • urban transit infrastructure;
  • specialized urban transit vehicles;
  • information system on public passenger transport;
  • urban transit lines, routes and route networks;
  • urban transit characteristics;
  • public passenger transport funding.

In addition to theoretical learning, students have opportunities to obtain practical skills in organizing road transport, providing commercial road transport operations and analyzing road transport systems.

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