Study program Automobile Transport Riga Technical University

Doctoral studies

Doctoral study program "Transport (direction - Automobile Transport)" is offered together with other transportation study programs:

  • for RTU professional master study program "Automobile Transport" and other transport programs graduates - study length 4 years.  After successful defense of Doctoral Thesis Engineering Science Doctoral degree is awarded;
  • to be admitted, applicant has to submit reccmmendation from potential scientific supervisor and from Automobile Transport institute;
  • it is advisable before entering the program to be sure that funding for the research is allocated and first publications have been submitted.

Program code in RTU register RMDT1


The study program includes:

Scientific research - 150 from total 192 credit points (CP). This is the main part of the doctoral program where the promotion thesis are developed.

Compulsory study courses (15 CP):

  • Planning and Design of Experiments
  • Transport vehicle design reliability and ecology

Elective study courses - 21 CP in total. These courses have to be coordinated with the research subject:

  • Vehicle Crash Mechanics
  • Vehicular Accident Investigation and Reconstruction
  • Vehicle Transmissions and Suspensions
  • Dynamics of Vehicle and Road System
  • Business Logistics
  • Scientific Seminar in Road Transport, etc.

Free elective courses (6 CP) - it is advised to choose interdisciplinary courses that relate to the research subject.